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  1. Hi Les3, welcome to AS :notalone: you are definitely not alone. I hope you find lots of support and healing here. Congrats on your baby girl. :)

    Feel free to PM anytime if you need to chat.

    :luck: Clover :luck:

  2. Thanks, I finally found a place where I belong. Where I am not out of place, different. It's nice. The people here are nice. Real. That's what we all need; a place where we can be real without being misunderstood, rejected, accused. We're battling with that within ourselves already, we don't need more of it.

    So true!!! Welcome to AS, glad you are here.

    :luck: clover :luck:

  3. Hi. Well, I'm not sure how to do this (it's so much harder than I thought!), so here goes. I'm an almost-29 year old lawyer, mother of one beautiful and vivacious (and gorgeous red headed) 9 year old girl, my pride and joy. I'm a survivor of CSA...my father. I've never really told anyone but my husband of 10 years. He and I aren't doing very well and he's moved out to another city for work.

    I stumbled upon AS and I started reading posts...and I felt understood and not alone for the first time in years. And I'm really, really hoping I fit in here and that I can be of help to others too. :luck: peace to all. :luck:

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