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    Reading especially fantasy (Tolkien, GRR Martin, Neil Gaiman)<br />Writing, but I do it for a living now so not as much for fun. <br />Movies, especially classics with any Hepburn Lady. <br />HBO: my current favorites are Big Love and Tell me You Love Me<br />Opera and music in general

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  1. yeah, I think NH is right. Number of members are only those of us registered. Number of users is everyone, that's why it's larger.
  2. my ex-t: "you're too high functioning (working etc) to really have DID or depression or complex PTSD" I said, "I'm dying inside barely making it" and she said "you childhood trauma has nothing to do with your problems today" language warning: B&TCH!!!!!
  3. Hi and welcome to AS. We're so glad you are here and find lots of support!! Clover
  4. CrimsonClover


    Hi Les3, welcome to AS you are definitely not alone. I hope you find lots of support and healing here. Congrats on your baby girl. Feel free to PM anytime if you need to chat. Clover
  5. Hi and welcome Rose. I'm glad you are here and I look forward to getting to know you better. I'm so sorry you went through all that, you'll find lots of support here. Clover
  6. Hi and welcome, glad to have you here. I'm very sorry for what happened to you but you'll find lots of support here. Clover
  7. Hi Susan and welcome. glad you found AS. Congratulations on getting through the trial and your new relationship. that's wonderful. Clover
  8. So true!!! Welcome to AS, glad you are here. clover
  9. Hi and welcome. I'm a survivor of CSA too. I hope you find lots of support and healing here. clover
  10. Welcome Jewels. I'm glad you found AS. congratulations on your path to healing, I hope we can help you. Clover
  11. Hi Daniela, thanks for sharing and I'm very sorry what you've been through. Glad you found this place. I hope you find lots of support and healing. peace
  12. Hi and welcome. Glad you are here.
  13. Hi Becky. This is a wonderful place. I'm glad you found it peace
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