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  1. Where Are You All From?

    i am colorado girl in a new mexico school for a few more years
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    This is my first after silence post. I guess basicly every day is a step in my recovery. I was sexually assaulted almost three years ago and since then I have been through counseling, I have helped organize a Take Back the Night as well as a RAINN awareness event. I work for a group on my campus that helps educate on topics surrounding sexual assault. I found this message board after I had the idea to create a survivors group on my campus and I wanted more info on how to get something going. It feels great to take my experiences and try to create more awareness on SA. Sometimes I have relapses when I don't feel secure in myself but for the most part I have taken a horrible part of my past and turned it into something progressive. It is aweful that so many of us are affected by SA but also very beautiful when we can support one another with love and respect.