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  1. I came home from work and went straight to bed for an hour
  2. Welcome to AS from a fellow Aussie I'm sorry that you are struggling at the moment, but glad you have found somewhere that you might feel understood Meg
  3. ((((PITW)))) That's horrible, and, I'm sure, totally untrue. Another one that I got: "I think that the most traumatic thing about what happened to you was that you kept making the decision to go back to him. I implore you to ask God for forgiveness." Never mind that he told me he would kill himself if I left him. Apparently it's all my fault. Fail.
  4. "If you're not having a sexual relationship with your husband you need to start." Great advice, thanks. I can't do it without getting upset and it turns into a bad experience for us both, but I guess I can just grit my teeth and do it anyway. A positive experience isn't important, right?
  5. Welcome to AS from a Tasmanian
  6. Welcome to After Silence, Iris! I'm glad you're coming out of lurkdom and joining us It's great that you've been able to share with others and that this has been such a relief for you. I hope that AS will be a place where you can find more support and more healing.
  7. Welcome to After Silence
  8. Welcome to After Silence It's great to have you with us.
  9. Christine! I'm sorry to hear that things are so hard at the moment. I hope that you will find the support you need here Welcome
  10. Hi, and welcome to After Silence I look forward to seeing you around on the boards! Meg
  11. Venia


    It's nice to meet you, Danni Welcome to After Silence
  12. Welcome to After Silence, Kathy I hope that you will find the support that you are looking for here Meg
  13. Welcome to After Silence I very much hope that telling your story will help you, and I look forward to seeing you around on the boards Meg
  14. I think this is a lovely idea Teazle I would be happy to pay to post it wherever after giving it its cuddle!
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