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    Thanks Mazzy, you gave me the courage to finally make my 1st post. I too had been here for a bit without making myself too known. There seems to be some awesome people here. I hope you find it helpful!! Teardrop
  2. Hey. I've been registered here for a couple of months and just hanging out here offering my 2 cents when I thought I could. I'm sure some have been wondering who teardrop is, so here I am finally posting. It takes me a very long time to trust and that is basically why I've just kind of been hanging around here and not saying a heck of a lot. I have endured quite a bit of se*ual trauma and hope some day to heal a little bit. For now all I am able to say is I am an incest survivor with a lot of mental health issues because of it. I hope to feel safe enough in the near future to talk openly about feelings, etc. Teardrop
  3. It's really good to know that you all were able to "pick up" and move on to rewarding jobs. I am a professonal psych patient!!! I work at a mental health drop in for only 10 hours a week. That's all I can do, it's my 1st job and I'm 31 years old!!! I'm on a disability pension and probably will be for the rest of my life, but oh well!! I'm very sure though that I have kept quite a few psychiatrists gainfully employeed over the years!! Teardrop
  4. I just turned 31 two days ago, but most of the time I feel like a 14 year old trying to learn to survive in this big world - BUT, with all I've survived, I think I've lived the life of a 90 year old! (which is probably true for most survivors!!) Age doesn't matter, what matters is that we can all appreciate each other and have a common ground we can hopefully help each other with. Teardrop
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