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  1. I just wanted to say thanks to all who have given me such a warm welcome to me so far. If really means alot to me to have so many people write and be so supportive of me. I am glad that this group is here and is willing to accpept me. I hope you all take good care, and if possible try to do something good and positive for yourselves today. If you ever need to talk pm me any time. It may take time for me to reply to people. I dont have a computer at home. Thanks all: pained soul
  2. To all who have welcomed me and writen in my introduction topic thank you so very much for writing me. This is the firs time I've had 15 people on a sight write me such nice welcomes. I am not used to having people in my life, but i am glad to have found this sight. Please take note however, I dont have a computer at home. I wish i did, I am desperate to have one!! In the mean time I come to my local library where I have local access to the internet and for that I am glad. ALl of you who have written here may PM me anytime you see me online. I love talking to others and one reason I am her
  3. Determined one you have said something that i can relate to. You said that no one understands you and i so know and understand how that is and how you need to make the connection with those that truely understand you. I need to do the same. Pained_soul.
  4. HI Determined one. Thanks so much for your welcoming message. It helps to know that i have someone that I cam PM when I need it. I just PMed you. If you need me I am here for you too. I am not sure if this board gets busy or many replies. You can post to me on the oboard of PM me if you wish at any time but must warn you it may take time to reply but will get toyou. Thanks for being here, Pained_soul.
  5. I am pained soul. I am not sure what to say. I am new here and have been through and am still going through alot. I am both a suvivor and still a victim of Rape and sexual abuse and other forms of abuse. Abuse is all I have known. Noone in my real life understands me, and deny all of my expiriences. I am working very hard in therapy but there are times where I need to talk outside of therapy and its hard doing this alone. I feel abandoned and very lost and alone in this. abuse has been me for my lifetime so far. I am wanting to ge free and not trapped by those who hurt me past and present. I
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