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  1. Welcome to AS August I know what a terrifying step this is, but believe me it is worth it. And yes, this is a wonderfully supportive and friendly place. We are here for you Take your time and post when you're ready. Ruthie
  2. Welcome to AS Melpomene Ruthie
  3. (((Cathleen))) Welcome to AS sweetie. I know how hard this still is, but believe me you have done the right thing - this is such a supportive place. You're not alone. Ruthie
  4. (((Allie))) Welcome to AS sweetie. I'm so sorry that you are living in an abusive situation, and wish there was some way you could get out of that. Please know though that we will be here to support you. Ruthie
  5. Welcome to AS Gem This is such a friendly place - post when you are ready. I spent some time in India when I was 18 - I understand what you mean about people wanting to talking to you! Ruthie
  6. Welcome Amy, You too are strong, even though you may not think so. You are strong for being here, and for taking this step. You are in charge of what you say and do here. You don't ever have to tell us what happened if you don't want to - the decision is entirely yours. I didn't share my story until after I had been here for many months, I needed to know people first. Just take your time, and post about whatever you are ready to, when you are ready. We will support you no matter what. Ruthie
  7. Rob, I too wanted to add that you are more than welcome here. Abuse happens in every corner of society, to men and women, black and white, rich and poor. There are no boundaries. I was abused by my mother, and so I can understand how it feels to suffer abuse at the hands of a woman. You are not alone. Welcome to AS. Ruthie
  8. Hi Nea, Like most others here I too have struggled with self destructiveness. I think it is a demon that truly accompanies this path. However, it is something we can change, and I'm glad you're here. Ruthie
  9. Oh, I've been doing lots of yummy things for myself recently. My therapist is on holiday, and so I decided to give myself a break from all things therapy related. So, I've had my hair cut, I've been holiday shopping and spent a fortune (new jeans, skirts, tops tankini, underwear, flip flops, and a wicked pair of fly-eye Ray Bans), and today I'm getting a massage I've also been good to myself by practicing my yoga regularly, cutting out bad sugars & eating more fruit. Best of all though - on Saturday Kate and I are off for ten days camping in France! Whee! Ruthie
  10. Welcome to AS Melinda. Look forward to getting to know you. Ruthie
  11. (((Jess))) Welcome to AS honey. I'm really glad you decided to join - I think of all the boards I have known, AS is the most friendly and supportive, and I think it will help so much while you're working through this transition. I'm here if you need anything Ruthie
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