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  1. Oh, we are going to get along just fine... Welcome to AS sweetie. I'm so close to thirty it wakes up with me every morning. But it will be good for us both I'm sure. Ruthie
  2. Welcome to AS Heidi My abuser was a woman too (my mother) so I know how that feels. Look forward to getting to know you. Ruthie
  3. Dear Little Bee Squee! Just wanted to make you giggle... Ruthie
  4. Welcome to AS Ruthy (Great name, by the way ) Ruthie
  5. Welcome to AS Sarah I'm sorry you are feeling down now, please know that we will support you all we can. Ruthie
  6. Welcome to AS Sara Ruthie
  7. Welcome to AS Charlette Ruthie
  8. Welcome to AS Letting go is one of the hardest things to do, but I am assured that it is worth it! You're not alone. Ruthie
  9. Squee! How could we forget you hon? You're a true star. Welcome back Ruthie
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