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  1. Welcome to AS *sending you peace and light*
  2. Hi, pebble...welcome to AS! You're not crazy, but the aftermath of abuse/assault can be enough to make you doubt that I hope you find the comfort and support you seek...feel free to PM me anytime!
  3. Hi John...welcome to AS!!!
  4. Hello, everyone My name is Susan...I joined AS last month, and since then I've spent a LOT of time reading, relating, and wishing there was no need for this wonderful place. There is so much knowledge to be had here; I hope everyone absorbs a bit of the hope and strength I've seen in this community! Three years ago, I decided I couldn't take one more day of city life...the noise, the crime, the struggle of constantly working to make ends meet in such an overpriced ghetto...I wanted out. I needed a fresh start, away from old ghosts and the pain of a failed marriage, away from everyone and
  5. Welcome to AS...of course you fit in! I never told my first husband (the marriage was a mistake from day one), but I confided in my second husband and he had no idea how to handle it. I'm sorry you and your husband aren't getting on well (((hugs)))
  6. Originally from the Providence/Boston area...moved to a tiny little farming town in rural Kansas three years ago. Talk about culture shock, whooo! But I love country living, and I can't imagine myself anywhere else
  7. Sounds like we had the same kind of day I'm still at the "fighting it" stage...I get angry when I can't stop the tears, even though deep down, I know they are cathartic and necessary. I hope tomorrow is better for both of us! Take care, ok?
  8. Welcome to AS, Pennie! When I joined, I was both saddened and comforted by the size of the membership here...while I am thrilled we have such a wonderful place to gather and heal, I wish it wasn't necessary in the first place. It's good to meet you
  9. Just wanted to welcome you to AS (((hugs)))
  10. Welcome to AS...here's a (((((((((((hug))))))))))) for you
  11. Welcome to AS...glad to have you here! And congrats on the new baby, too!
  12. Roona66


    Hello, and welcome!
  13. Hi, John...I'm new here, too...this is a great place! Welcome!
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