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  1. Thank you so much Mary! I've been reading through and posting some already and like I told a moderator I can already tell I'm in the right place. I really appreciate your welcome and the careful wording of it. This is kind of you, Josh
  2. Thank you so much for the welcome! I appreciate it. I'm moving through some of the forums now and I can tell I'm in the right place. Thanks again so much!
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm Josh and I'm a college professor and I hope everyone's doing well. I joined this forum hoping for a chat-room but I see the chat has been closed down. I think I'll be okay posting threads like this to the system but I was hoping to be able to talk to some live people as I've never really spoken to anyone other than my therapist about any of this. Is there a good chat room anyone knows about? I get this feeling like I want to sit in a room and talk to people about it but that's frightening also. Maybe posting like this little by little will actually be helpful. I have
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