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    upstate NY
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    I am a dancer! Ballet is my 1st love, but I'm better at jazz. I love music. I play the flute. I love musical theater. I was a triple major in anthropology, psychology and dance. I hope to become a dance therapist someday and work with kids who have autism. I am a mental health therapy assistant!!! I love my job. On the side, I teach dance therapy classes for children with all kinds of disabilities. And I also teach beginning ballet for children :)

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  1. Thank you for the reminder. I'm sure I'm as guilty of this as anyone else. my apologies if I have triggered anyone.
  2. I was realizing that my posts on here kind of act as a documentary of my life over the past few months. I post thoughts on here that I can't express elsewhere. Even when I write in my journal, it's not the same. I was wondering if there was a place on the site that would list all of your posts. I mean the topics that you've started. I would love to be able to read through them and possibly print them. So that I can remind myself that I have gotten better. Or if I am having a rough day that I have had really good days too
  3. the response of a guy friend I told: "Well I mean the 1st time is always the worst for a girl, right? So at least that's out of the way. It shouldn't be nearly as bad next time!" The response of another guy friend I told. I also told him that the guy had tried to contact me and be really friendly to me: "Well I mean he's being nice and respectful to you now...He really doesn't sound like a bad guy to me..maybe if you wrote him a letter telling him hoe you feel?" (granted I still have a lot of questions in my head. I go back and forth very offten, but clearly If I was telling him I was sex
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