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  1. Thank you @MeBeMary I will be mindful about all the things you have mentioned
  2. Thanks for the welcomes @awi @forestmistheather @Wannabebetter
  3. NB - I'm not looking to AS for a romantic relationship, but as a place to share thoughts and tips on finding a healthy headspace for relationships after trauma
  4. Hi there, I'm Jess. I struggle to talk about my experiences that happened between the ages of around 14-27. For a long time I thought that if I could reframe them in my head as rough/kinky/slutty but consensual I could avoid PTSD. I am 34 now and I can't ignore the effect its having on me. I experience intrusive memories and flashbacks. Especially now that I feel emotionally ready to find a lifelong partner and build a healthy relationship of equals - I am noticing that my fear of intimacy is a big blocker to that. I am hoping to connect with others, find peace and start seeking/buil
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