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  1. One documentary worth watching is The Invisible War,There are other female veterans shown on there that went through the same and nothing done about it at all.I watched it and was emotional
  2. They did get a dishonorable discharge too.My recovery has been one step at a time
  3. I had 14 years in 2 years short of 16 years.Plans were to do the full 20
  4. I was raised right to be a patriot and told my parent I wanted to serve this country one day at age 13.Have watched the documentary, The Invisible War that is about sexual crimes done in the military.Did get an honorable discharge too.My family,other family members,friends and my husband whom is a pastor also have been there for support.Did lose an ex boyfriend from it,saw I changed after it happened said relationship was over.I am still angry to this day nothing has not been done about the sex crimes in the military.
  5. Hello,I was sexually assaulted and raped when I was in the military,Marines in 2011.It was tough and lucky the 5 guys in the unit I was in with that did this to me were convicted and doing a long prison sentence.I have MST (military sexual trauma),PTSD and anxiety from it.It has been a long recovery,was in the dumps,nightmares and could not sleep at night at first.I am getting help,the VA and Wounded Warrior Project have been a great help.
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