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  1. Blacksun, Thank you for the welcome.. I am reading and discovering that I share a lot of common issues with others.. I struggle with it daily. It was my dark secret for over 50 years and only in the few years have I been able to open up and discuss. Start group therapy next month and continued individual therapy.. I am finding this forum to be good for me for all the in between therapy time.. a long month... My journey started with some small penis humiliation by my mother and grandmother as they pondered why mine was so small.. They discussed it with most other female relate yes and neighbors
  2. Ho BBB, I am new here and reading about the struggles of others and finding some comfort that I am not as alone as I thought. I hope you too can find some peace and comfort sharing with the rest of us.
  3. Thanks UK63.. You have a great evening and continue to share with the rest of us as you continue the journey.. it helps so much.. ☺️
  4. UK63, thank you... so far everyone has been supportive and I am amazed at the things others have experienced. It is sad that society preys on the innocent and vulnerable but I feel better having a place to verbalize (so to speak) some of the things I seldom get to talk about.. and I certainly feel less alone.. I have so many things to work on and to learn about.. and things I want to attempt to change and finally forget about forever.. if that is even possible... I hope you find your happy place as you work through your experiences and share how you do it for those of us still taking it one st
  5. Thank you all for responding and making me feel welcome.. I am so grateful for an opportunity to talk without judgements and conclusions.. I have individual therapy beneficial but also lacking.. Reading about the experiences of others makes me feel a kinship of sorts.. and kind of makes me feel a little less damaged...I hope to continue to build relationships and some strong bonds with others here that I can share my struggles and experiences with as well as provide a shoulder to others.. and ultimately break my cycle of submissive behaviors.. Thanks so much..Dave who has been repeated "pushe
  6. Hello everyone... this seems to be a very helpful site and I am so glad I found you... I have been struggling with recovery for almost 50 years and it never seems to get easier but at least I am brave enough to reach out now... Hope to be here often..
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