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  1. Good evening @leanneC88 , I am sorry you had to find us ,but pleased you have .There are a lot of friendly & supportive people here .please take care . Regards uk63
  2. Hi @Suntosea,please take care .really sorry you have experienced csa ,i am pleased that you found AS . Regards uk63
  3. Good morning @Rmtan9738 ,Roxanne so sorry you had to find us here at AS ,but glad you are here .please be kind to yourself. Take care, uk63.
  4. Good afternoon @SweetWilma,welcome to AS, sorry you had to come here ,there are some really supportive people here . Be kind to yourself. Uk63 in Australia 🇦🇺.
  5. Welcome to AS @physicsgirl , the people here are extremely friendly. Regards uk63.
  6. uk63

    Hello :)

    Good morning @layla_h ,very sorrow that life has brought you here ,but glad you have found AS , I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Uk 63 in Australia 🇦🇺
  7. uk63


    Welcome @peace_lily,so sorry you had to find us here at AS ,but so glad to see you have returned to college. I personally found with each therapist session i could open up about my years of being abused as a child . Please take care , uk63 .
  8. Welcome to AS @Purple_Hair417 , sorry that you had to come to AS , you will find a lot of supportive and friendly people here .take care uk63 .
  9. Good morning @Jess_ ,I am sorry that you had to find us all here ,but thankful we all have AS to help us . Please take care ,regards uk63
  10. Welcome @dancergirl217,so sorry you have had to come to AS , you will find some very friendly people here .
  11. Hi Pushed over , as you said one small step at a time, my psychologist used that term ,and I believe that to be true. Be kind to yourself. Regards uk63
  12. Hi Pushed over , the trauma you endured is saddening, I am glad you have found AS ,like you I have been trying to come to terms with the abuse .for over 50 yrs .everyone here are very supportive and understanding. Regards UK63 .
  13. uk63

    New member

    Hi Wanna , thank you for your welcome message and your support. Regards UK63
  14. uk63

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    Good morning Greysock , thank you for your message.
  15. uk63

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    Thank you six_times _seven .
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