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  1. Hades IS a challenge, but I admittedly use accessibility functions / easier difficulty options when playing roguelikes because I get frustrated losing my progress every time otherwise. AC: Valhalla is the only AC game I've played before, but I LOVED It, sank way way too many hours into it. My partner who's played a ton of AC games also loved it and we both have played it extensively - I would highly recommend.
  2. Oh, I've also recently started playing board games a lot! I love whimsical collaborative games above everything else, for board games.
  3. I haven't played any of those, but Elden Ring is on my list to pick up at some point! In a similar vein to it, I'm deeply in love with both Skyrim and Assassins' Creed: Valhalla. I typically hyperfixate on one game at a time, but I think juggling multiple games also lets you take breaks from heavier games with lighter ones!
  4. @Finchy I've been playing Hades and Disney: Dreamlight Valley a lot lately (I know, total opposites lol), but I'm really looking forward to Breath Of The Wild 2 coming out in a few months! For books, I've been reading a lot lately but I recently finished the entire grishaverse series. What have you been playing/reading?
  5. Thank you all for such a kind welcome, everyone! I'm happy to be here. It sees like such a wonderful, supportive community. 🥰
  6. At least for now, I'll be going by Chess here. I'm in my mid 20s and an avid reader - honestly, I love all forms of escapism. Reading, dungeons and dragons, fantasy shows, art, video games, etc. I've been with my partner for a few years and with his help, I'm slowly recovering and feeling more like myself again. Although sometimes it's hard to know what I feel like without trauma. I joined a support group recently, and I wanted to find some other community as well as I recover and potentially dig up things I'm not ready for. Thanks for listening. Chess. They/them.
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