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  1. Hi @missfrier Thank you for the welcome and support. I can sense that though people here are torn themselves are so compassionate and willing to help. I find myself breathing a sigh of relief that I've come to a place where people will understand me. Thank you for caring, you take care too.
  2. Hi JustDuckey, Welcome, hope you are well. I joined this place just over a few days ago. People here are so welcoming and warm. I hope you can find some healing from this place.
  3. Thank you WannaMoveOn, your kind words and support mean so much.
  4. Thank you S_Sundance, your kind words mean a great deal.
  5. Hi back MeBeMary, Thank you for the welcome and your kind words, it means a lot. I've been reading some posts and it's helped to calm my mind a little.
  6. Thank you Finchy for the kind words and the warm welcome, right now it means the world.
  7. Thank you for hearing me snmls, it means a great deal.
  8. I'm new here, hoping everyone is well. I've always glossed over forums like this but never had the to courage to sign up and speak of my experiences. I was also scared of the big what if my abuser were to come across these forums and some how recognise me and get some sort of sick satisfaction out of the pain he inflicted on me as child over all those years. I guess that's the overthinker in me working overtime. Since the past week I have been feeling particularly lost. I'm sinking and breaking and feel like I'm fading away. Normally I can climb out of feeling like this and dust myself off but
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