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  1. Welcome @Kekoa808 Thank you for taking the time to share your story. It takes a lot of strength to do so, I think you will find this site to be a great source of support. As Stated by WannaMoveOn, letting someone in your home does not imply consent, you did nothing wrong, as you are not at fault for the actions of the perpetrator. Take care and continue to stay strong.
  2. Wanna, Thank you for your response, The site has really left a good impression on me and feel this is a safe space. I can appreciate all the support and openness of others through various forum threads I have read. I am still working my way around the site, but feel grateful that there is support, advice and just venting to others when needed. Thank you.
  3. Survivor1967, Thank you so much! and a welcome to you as well. I have found the support here to be so open and amazing, I wish you luck on your journey a well.
  4. Finchy, Thank you so much! I am still figuring my way around the site somewhat, but in the few short days since my initial post, I have felt so much support from those that have posted and it's been very eye opening going from zero support to being surrounded by others whom share the same experiences of this trauma and offer it freely and have understanding.
  5. Dawn76, Thank you so much for the support and reply. I definitely find this forum to be very helpful and very informative and do feel in time I will be more comfortable in sharing as time progresses. I feel very in awe of the support received already from those who have replied in the thread, It is been something I have been seeking and not been able to find, even from those closest to me in my daily life because often people who have not been in traumatic events shut down, have no response or without them knowing victim blame when support is just wanted or needed. Thank you.
  6. Six, Thank you for your response and support, It means a lot and I believe that this site is a very good place to start in the process of healing, it is good to know there are people here who are also on their own journey's but can offer advice as well.
  7. Mary, Thank you so much for the reply and for the support. It is nice to know you got your start in the same way with just reading the forums to start and then eventually got more comfortable, I believe this is where I am as well, There is a lot of information out there of which I can relate to so much, I believe in time I will navigate my way more and post, I think it will help in healing in my own way. Thank you again.
  8. Hi, I am fairly new and have sought comfort in checking out the site for a bit, and never knew when I would have the courage to write anything. But I am glad to see so much support here and felt like it was time.
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