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  1. Where Are You All From?

    I was born in Massachusetts came to California when I was 3. Most of my family still lives there in Turners Falls, Shelburn, Cape Cod. I have moved all around Orange County, CA and Sacramento. Ellaneese, I have a friend who also lives in Okinawa Japan on the base. Pippi
  2. General Age Of Forum

    I'm 26 I will be 27 in a week. The years have gone by so fast.
  3. Hello

    Thank you for all your support and encouraging words. Now I know why there are so many members. It feels good to talk openly about this with people who understand.
  4. Hello

    I was born in MA and moved to CA at a young age. I have moved all around Orange County and Northern CA. I am a photographer, well, trying to be one. I just found out about Rainn and than found this site. I thought it would be help full to talk to other people who have been threw similar issues along with a counselor. I was relived to see there is a place to talk to others. But in the feeling sad that there needed to be a place at all. Not many of my freinds talk about what they have gone threw. Like the person who made this wonderful site, I too want to make a difference, during and after I deal with my abuse.