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  1. Thank you. I think I try and pretend it never happened in the hope that it will go away but the inside knows, even if the outside hides it. It looks lovely here, by the way, and I'm hoping I can be of some help to others x
  2. Hello, I am a 36 yr old female with three children aged from 5 to 15. I was with their father for nearly 15 years and left 2 years ago, helped by women's aid, the council and social services. 13 years ago, when my second child was born, he began forcing himself on me and the relationship became something that I can only describe as a form of torture. It was pretty much every night and ranged from 'routine' to 'violent'. There was no option. I could not say no because I was smaller than him, but any reluctance on my part could result in threats against the children. For example he once th
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