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  1. Thank you everyone, for the warm welcome. I am glad to be here. @snmls @MeBeMary @Six_times_seven @8888 Thank you so much for the kind words. I hate that it's hurt that brought us together, but it's comforting to not be alone anymore. I've not discussed my past with anyone in real life, and I don't plan to, so to have a place like this feels priceless. I hope you all the best of luck in your own respective journeys. Thank you again for the kindness! Hello Finchy, I am glad to be in the community. Thank you for helping with the site, and moderating it! To answe
  2. Hello, all. I decided to introduce myself more fittingly today. I wanted to navigate around a little before posting on this forum specifically, because it was a little daunting. I created this account because I've come to realize (very recently) that the things that happened have affected me, that I am not okay right now. And it's shameful for me to admit that to myself, that I am so, so obviously affected still. I wanted to connect with and support people who have went through similar, and in the little time I've been here, I think I made the right decision. I am grateful this place exi
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