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  1. Welcome to AS. This is a great place to let off steam or to record you achievements in your life, and/or your healing journey. We are here to listen and to support, to laugh and to cry with you. :hug: Pm me anytime if you wanna talk. Debbiesoils
  2. ((((((((((((((((((((onelasthope)))))))))))))))))))))))) if ok? :aswelcomesu:
  3. Hi Lostboy. Welcome to AS. Sorry you and your wife are going through such pain right now. When I first wen.t in search of my books to aid my healing I also bought allies in healing for my boyfriend as well as another book called ghosts in the bedroom (could be dealing with ghosts in the bedroom - not sure something like that anyway) as resources for my boyfriend. I don't know if they helped him or not, but I do know that without his support I could never have made it through these last few months. Hang in there when shes ready she will come back to you, listen to her and be supportive, and le
  4. I too been having problems getting this thing about account suspended.
  5. Welcome to AS. You are not alone. When I first ccame I was a nervous wreck and on the edge of a breakdown. AS has helped me alot on my healing journey and will help you too. These are great people. We have all been through something similar on this road. and we are all here to help each other. On this forum you'll find alot of love and support. Debbiesoils.
  6. Hi welcome to as. I am Sorry to hear what is happenning 2 you right now. Yes you belong, I've found so many Friends here that I know you will too. I think I can safely Say PM any of us If you need to talk, Or want support. U R NOT ALONE ANY MORE! we are all here 4 you. Debbiesoils.
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