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  1. Woohoo! I'm New!

    welcome bloogirl i hope you find inspiration and comfort like i have in AS and all the wonderful people here Ladybird
  2. What Careers/jobs Are You All Doing?

    hey everyone, this is so cool reading what everyone does, i was reading through saying things like "wow" to myself and "oh, i never realised you could have one of those" and "blimey thats a challenging job" hee hee, anyway, i have been working in a childrens hospice for 3 years now which i love, my job is so varied and i never know what i maight be doing, i do anything from going iceskating, give massages in the sensory room (with all those pretty lights and bubble tubes), swimming in the hydro pool, to painting and story telling, suctioning a tracheostomy!, resusitating someone!, visits to the farm to playing on the playstation, looking after children with challenging behaviour, special needs and end of life care, to supporting families after their child has died and caring for the child after death up until their funeral in our special rooms and also help to organise funerals and desighn the order of service sheet! i take the lead in organising music sessions every month and love playing the piano! i also have written a book of bereavement poems which i published and sold through the hospice, and am just writing my second book i would love to eventually be a mental health nurse and be a bereavement counciller. sorry to write so much and go on loads its just i love lovelove my job soooo much!!
  3. A Group Welcome To All Newbies!

    welcome everyone, i haven't been very talkative lately either!! but Donna that is a good bit of advice - it made me feel better and not so guilty! welcome Lisa
  4. Hello, Im New Here...

    hello dopey, welcome to the board, i'm sorry that all that bad stuff happened to you, i was so nervous when i first joined here but in the past few weeks it has been my life line and so fantastic and also yey! someone else from the UK! i live in surrey! and i do like the name 'Dopey' i have the seven dwarfs (giant cuddly ones) at the end of my bed and my favourite one is dopey!! warm thoughts Lisa
  5. hello, i just wanted to introduce myself as i feel very scared and new to this. i have been abused all my life or up until i was 19, i'm 22 now and finally told somebody who got me help, i have been seeing a therapist for 18 months now, and finally, i feel like things will be ok. i was so overwhelmed at finding this site and realising i'm not alone in my troubles, anyway - enough about me, i just wanted to say hi.