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  1. Thank you so much sorry late replay been a bit of a hard time I’ve had to take time of work as I’ve been really struggling mentally and emotionally. Just feel rubbish
  2. Thank you 🙏 at least I don’t feel on my own anymore
  3. Hi I’m sorry youve had a rough time to your not alone I’ve only been a member a few days. And I’ve had someone to talk to. And Definitely the right thing to do and speak out.
  4. Hi I’m new to this site and am a bit nervous. My traumatic time happened to me 30 years ago for 3 years as a child I’ve never even spoken to anyone about it up till 3 weeks ago. I managed keep it locked in to the back of my mind and it never surfaced but when I hit depression hard last year I had all these memories coming back to me so I had to ask my parents for answers as it felt like a nightmare so I tried to carry on over the last 12 months but then I broke 3 weeks ago and spoken up with been a 38 year old man I’m kind ashamed and hurt.. I’m now waiting for help but seems a long way away
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