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    Reading, writing, horror. Cats, birds, nature, plants.

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  1. Welcome, I know how difficult and daunting this is, been there done that. Feel free to take your time, read the entry forums and relax, we're rather welcoming here.
  2. Welcome to the group Clayton I hope you'll enjoy your time here and take your time to acclimate yourself to this environment. Everyone here supports one another and encourages one another to get better at things. I understand the anxiety of psyching yourself out of something, did you call the place to apologize? Can you still show up? If so, maybe you'll have a better time than you thought.
  3. I'm glad you broke up with him and are moving on. Codependency is very hard to break off of and in my experience, a very overwhelming experience. Congratulations on the freedom!
  4. I third the sub forum for disabled survivors, specially for invisible disabilities
  5. my little cat is a tabby mix with siamese and lynx! her daughter was a ragdoll mix they are the cutest creature ever
  6. Cats! I like cats and horses a lot. But my favorites are cats, specially lynx-siamese mixes of coat coloring.
  7. Okapis are friend shaped, good taste!
  8. wait i second that actually ^; Nonbinary and "i'd rather not say" would be great options to have
  9. Welcome Minimal, I love animals too! What are your favorites? I see you play videogames too - I like playing games! Right now I'm playing wolfenstein because it was free on Epic hahah. I hope you can find a welcoming community here and that you find some peace surrounded by people who understand and can listen to you.
  10. I would like to be able to use pictures on my signature, also, so far the formatting seems perfectly fine imo but an easier way to see "latest posts" that make it more obvious who posted last and it directing to the last post of a thread instead of just the first one would be nice
  11. Thank you! I already found a way to make the site dark mode thankfully. And you're right, little by little I've managed to let myself talk. I've posted a bit of my own story and I'm dealing with my struggles with words right now to the best of my ability.
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