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    Trains and Airplanes, Management, Digital art.

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  1. Hello Campingalone, Welcome.
  2. Emile


    Thanks SociallyAwkward.
  3. Emile


    Hello 8888, S_Sundance and WannaMoveOn, thank you also for your comments.
  4. Emile


    thank you all for your responses. Hello mini.finch, you can ask no problem, my first language is dutch.
  5. Emile


    My name is Emile and I identify as trans man. I can't speak full English but use a translator for it. Because of this I can sometimes type a spelling error. I have been visiting after silence as a guest for a long time. And see a lot of support among the members here, great to see! I'm already far with my processing of my trauma, but I still have plenty to work on. My interests are trains, airplanes, management and digital art.
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