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  1. Hello @8888 thank you for your support. My friend thought it was a bad idea because I had a panic attack this week but this is just me realising what has happened. Your advices and stories help me realise I am not alone and messages like yours are helpful. I am also here if you need to talk. Sending good vibes and love Wish us all the best in that healing process
  2. @MeBeMary and @Six_times_seven thank you for the kind and support words. I hope to find what I've been looking for here. I have a hard time accepting support from others and these issues
  3. Hello everyone. I have started therapy one year ago and I'm working on my past trauma. I'm to see things that I have not realise before. Some patterns or reasons for the behaviors that I have which are linked with the abuse I had experienced. I wanted to join a forum because I feel like a fraud. Throughout the years, I convinced myself what happened to me was nothing and today I talked about it without emotion. I looked down upon what happened because people experienced harder things than I had. Their experiences were more brutal and violent than mine. But for my therapy and well-being, I need
  4. Hello!!! Wish you all the best and hope you find the support you need.
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