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  1. Hi Andrea1501, you're a wonderful person! I'm glad you're part of the forum. We're so blessed to have you!πŸ’ž

    1. Andrea1501


      Dear S_Sundance, thank you very much for your message, how kind.

      I am glad that you are part of the forum too. Your healing journey is inspiringΒ 


  2. Welcome Peace Lilly, I comend you for reaching out. That was a brave endeavor. We're glad to have you and I look forward to healing with you. We stand firm in support of you. Peace Flower's and Sunshine ✌️🌺 😎
  3. Good morning TowardsHealing, welcome aboard. We're a loving nurturing community and it has helped me tremendously. It's helping me to digest the trauma and move forward living. The trauma has made me stronger/insightful and it can do the same for you...stand firm in your healing, friend. Take your time exploring the forum and share when you're ready...no pressure. I look forward to healing with you!
  4. Hello @Hurting18, welcome dear, you're in the right place. I'm sorry, for your trauma and bring hope to your broken πŸ’”. You're among people who have experienced pain such as yours and can say, yes, I've been there but not there anymore. I had to be broken in order to grow and flourish. Sometimes, our blessings come in disguise. At least, that's been my experience. I know, this is hard to conceive, right now, but don't give up before the miracles happen. Once again, WELCOME aboard and RELAX because you're among supportive friends.
  5. Good morning CheyenneOO, We're glad you found us and we can work through the trauma's together. You're not alone anymore.
  6. Welcome Sara5774. I'm glad you took the plunge and participating in your recovery. I'm sorry for what brought you here but you're safe now. Take your time looking around and share only when you're ready...no pressure. We're knowledgeable, supportive and loving. Again, welcome and take full advantage of what we offer. Peace & Sunshine ✌️🌞
  7. Welcome @SummerSky, you're so welcomed here. We're here to teach, support and love you. Take your time looking around and share only when you want too... no pressure. I'm sorry for what you've been through but you're safe now. Peace Flowers & Sunshine ✌️🌺🌞
  8. Welcome zipzap, you're more than welcome here. Sorry, for what you've been through but you're safe now! I look forward to us supporting each other! Your story has healing power for everyone on forum... trust me.
  9. Welcome @Angelheart I'm sorry about your horrible experiences but you're safe now. We'll educate love support and nurture you on this site. Take your time recovering and share only when you're ready...no pressure. We heal together. Peace Flowers & Sunshine ✌️🌺🌞
  10. Welcome Blossom 🌸, you're doing the right thing taking your time. Recovery is a slow process...3 steps forward and 2 steps back. I'm sorry for your dreadful experience but glad you found us. We're here to support each other and you're a valuable addition to the community. We will teach support and love you on this site. Take your time navigating the site and share only when you're ready... we're pressure free. Again welcome and we're here for you. Peace Flowers & Sunshine ✌️🌺🌞
  11. Welcome ZoeF, we're glad to have you. I'm sorry for your mishaps but you can get knowledge support and love here. Take your time looking around and know you're surrounded with firm support.
  12. @smiley_3Ditto to what everyone said and "it wasn't my fault" is just seeping in after years of recovery. Recovery is a marathon not a sprint. Don't give up before the miracle happens.😁
  13. @blankfairy WELCOME... WE'RE GLAD TO HAVE YOU!!!!
  14. S_Sundance


    Welcome @Rose-T, you couldn't have found a more supportive forum. I'm looking forward to recovering with you. Peace Flowers & Sunshine
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