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  1. @CyclosaTurbinata Thanks so much for your kindness! Im so sorry for the reasons that brought you here as well but I'm so thankful for this place and to be able to connect! Yes, it does feel so wonderful to create something like that. Sounds so silly how happy I was about baking a pie, but I was SO proud of myself. For years I spent my life being so angry not only for the trauma I experienced and went through but for also not being taught certain things. Spent so much time dwelling on the anger and the wrong doings of the past and not doing anything about it. Now, today, I can b
  2. Thank you so very graciously for your kindness and acceptance 😊 Lady Anonymous
  3. I was never taught how to cook or bake growing up, but I was taught at a very young age that my voice didn't matter. The first 10 years of my life I was silenced. Now at 32 years of age (22 years after speaking out against my abuser) I still feel the ramifications of that silence. I still am that little girl struggling to find my voice. My place. They say that there is a secret formula to life. That the events that take place always have a response. Which in turn ultimately lead to the outcome. It is in our response to those events which can create a positive or negative outcome. I
  4. Thank you so much for your kindness. I look forward to this journey amongst all these beautiful souls here at AS 🤗 Lady Anonymous
  5. Hello there AS world. So glad I have accidentally stumbled upon this wonderful inviting place. I am now 22 years into my own personal "after silence", but I'm still having trouble finding my voice. It feels as if there is a fire beneath me and my body begs of me to jump from the flames ... so maybe this is the start of me finally jumping. I look forward to landing so to speak. My goals are to help myself heal along the way and I hope to one day help others do the same. Thanks for having me and listening. Many blessings new friends! Lady Anonymous
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