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    my animals.. and trying to sort my head out!

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  1. Hi to all the new members of the last week or two..sorry havent posted individual hello and welcomes..just not really been very talkative recently... SO HELLO AND WELCOME TO ALL YOU NEW MEMBERS.. HOPE YOU SETTLE IN WELL AND SOON FEEL AT HOME HERE..
  2. lost_and_alone


    Hi scardycat Welcome to AS you'll fond everyone friendly and supportive.. take care
  3. Hi Savannah welcome to AS hope you'll soon settle in..
  4. lost_and_alone


    Hi Belle, welcome to AS
  5. Hi Mazzy and welcome to AS.. you'll soon feel at home here
  6. Orkid....... welcome to AS .. hope you will soon feel comfortable and safe here.. great bunch of lovely people who will soon make you feel at home...
  7. HI LIZ... welcome to After Silence.....you will soon settle in and realise what a friendly bunch they are here....
  8. Hi Shannon... welcome to the boards..and good luck with you journey to recovery... ~~~ lost_and_alone~~~~
  9. Hi Sonic welcome to the boards...hope you will get the support you need in order to help you on your journey of recovery...
  10. Hi Anna... Welcome to the boards...hope you find the help and support you need... Everybody is very friendly and supportive..
  11. Hi Faith and welcome to AS.... Glad you found this site..and yes you should be here... a*use is a*use no matter what form it takes...you were violated.. welcome again...
  12. Hi Sarah and welcome You will get plenty of support from the lovely people on this site.. good luck in your journey
  13. lost_and_alone


    K'Jan.. welcome to AS I am still relatively new myself and struggling to feel at ease posting on the boards..guess it will get easier as time passes.... I have very quickly realised that there are a lovely bunch of people here,all friendly and compassionate... You will see this soon enough... good luck with your journey..
  14. Hi tuesday... welcome to after silence...it shouldn't take you long to settle in and get to know everybody... good luck in your journey!!
  15. Hi Anna and welcome to the board...These wonderful people on here will soon put you at ease..and offer you the support you need.. take care..
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