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  1. My very initial thought went....5 words to my abuser....fuck you assholes please burn
  2. Take one day at a time. Try not to dwell on the past. I know it's hard but instead focus on a goal, maybe give yourself a treat as well, something to make yourself feel better. I know personally I think I used to punish myself and I just perpetuated the pain because I couldn't understand it and it circulated in my mind. I think that's where councilling comes in. This is hard as I don't believe I have benefitted at all from any that have been given free, instead I used my hard earned money and had to 'interview' a great many therapists before I found one who I felt understood me and could help.
  3. I feel this. I've been riding the 'Fucked up Express' for some years now... Taking you to weird and unexpected trauma near you! I wonder how many times can you watch someone you love try to kill themselves? We're here so you find out. How long can you survive in a prison like home with two abusers to keep you company? that was another memorable moment. How about having your mother burn the next door neighbour's house down and get taken away by police in the middle of the night? Splashed across the local papers the next day - that made school fun!
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