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    Be yourself. Everyone else is taken

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  1. hummingbird


    Just moved here & needed this, thankyou!
  2. Hi solidasarock, There's info on the Share Your Story subforum here which should help. Even if you don't feel you should be here, you are more than welcome. I hope you find the boards helpful in your journey... welcome to AS
  3. Hi freigeist, welcome to AS Your English is fantastic (far better than my terrible German!), I hope you are finding the boards helpful so far
  4. Welcome back to AS, I really hope we can help you down a new path in your recovery
  5. Hi PinkStethoscope, cute username! Welcome to the boards
  6. Hi Zante, welcome to AS I hope you're finding your way around the boards okay... don't forget to check out how to clear your internet history if you need to or feel it would help with your safety. Welcome again
  7. Hi Narablueeyes, welcome to AS. Hope you're finding your way around the boards okay
  8. Hello Gift - firstly your English is amazing! You've not embarrassed yourself at all That acceptance will come in time, and you will eventually be okay. I hope that After Silence can help you on this journey. We are all in it together! Welcome
  9. Welcome to the boards, I hope you're finding your way around okay
  10. Hi Abigail! If you need any help keep your eyes open for the Newbie Support Team, they can show you the way round the boards if you need Welcome!
  11. It is definitely a big deal. I hope AS can support you in your healing and help to validate your (totally justified) emotions right now. Welcome, we are all in the same boat!
  12. While this hasn't happened to me, several other people on the boards have mentioned it happening to them. Good idea for a subforum Po!
  13. Hi Missy Hope you find your way around the boards okay
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