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  1. @MeBeMary & @8888 Thank you so much for the friendly welcome! I so appreciate this. Light & love, Wounded Dove
  2. @mini.finch Thank you for your kindness. I have started up therapy once again and am hopeful this time around will be better. I am grateful I found this group and can connect with others that share and understand this pain. With gratitude, Wounded Dove
  3. Hi there... A few days ago I came to the realization that I needed help from people who have been through this same pain. Being robbed and violated at such a young age, I feel that everything in my life has revolved around my CSA. I have been to therapy, grief counseling, faced my share of addictions and co-dependencies... but I always seems to "relapse" to my old ways. Last night, through my tears and desperation a friend told me about this organization. I know this is a safe place where we will not be judged; there is healing in connection and support. Thank you for reading... and
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