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  1. “For them it was the whole book, for you it was just a chapter". This was told to me when I was at the lowest point of my life. I was in the psychiatric ward for two weeks when a patient told me this. I didn't want to continue my life story, I wanted to be done. I found the strength to continue my story and keep fighting for myself. I was told that my story was not over yet, and I had to keep going. My story is that of healing, growth, recovery and process. It was not easy though. I was severely hurt sexually, physically and emotionally. I was in a very unsafe situation that I didn't k
  2. I always thought what you were doing was love. The truth is you never said I love you to me. You would say things similar but you never uttered the words I love you. It was so hard to believe that now you are with River and telling them I love you all the time. I never got that. I got your sexual frustrations. I got your leftovers. I got the manipulative, narcissistic, cruel part of you. I got more affection out of River than you ever gave me. you screwed me over and treated me like crap.
  3. AudreyP

    Pretty Lies

    absolutely beautiful! Stay strong!!
  4. https://open.spotify.com/track/20M00steJbkD9bCIUCuHPI?si=fwC28R6dTtGBlLRhYvTCbA&utm_source=copy-link This song just hits different. my abuser was the definition of a golden retriever boyfriend. our shared partner and I would always make the joke that hes truly a GRBF. It wasn't until after i was out of his clutches that i realized he was a groomer and manipulative POS. This song just hits me in the feels because it reminds me of how I fell for his narcissistic personality. I love the lyrics "Go fetch another toy for yourself. You're so unbelievable. Go be a puppy for somebody els
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