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  1. Hello @Faithish, It’s nice to meet you and I’m glad you made the step to come here. It’s been amazing so far and I feel a weight has been lifted off of me. Being able to vent without feeling judged has made me feel safer and more comfortable. Reach out if you ever want to talk. Be well, Safe44
  2. Thank you @snmls, I’m glad to be here and wish our circumstances were different but I’m glad to have to support and be supportive to others during their healing process. Since joining I’ve felt like my feelings are valid and it’s okay to feel the way I do and it’s been helping me face a lot of things I held in for the past few years. Thank you for reaching out! Best, Safe44
  3. Hello @missfrier! I’m so glad, being here is helpful because I’ve been really stressed lately. To know that this is such a supportive community and to know that others have been able to feel better… I feel like there is hope for me too. Thank you for reaching out! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need someone to listen! Take care, Safe44
  4. Hello @8888! Thank you so much for making me feel welcome. I’m so happy I found this site because I’ve felt so supported. If you ever want to talk please reach out, I will do the same. I’m sorry for what brought you here too but I’m glad we can get help one another. Safe44
  5. Thank you @Mic and @MeBeMary. I’m not sure how much help I could be to you both but it’s nice feeling less alone. Thank you for reaching out, it means a lot. I’m struggling with my emotions as well so I get feeling out of control. I wish I had looked for resources some time ago, but I try to see it as I wasn’t ready. Safe44
  6. Hello! I just wanted to reach out and say how grateful I am to have found this site. I’m at a point where my trauma is no longer being suppressed and I’m struggling to deal with my emotions. I’m hoping through others experiences I’ll be able to find new ways to cope, see that I’m no longer alone and that one day I might feel safe again. Thank you
  7. This is my first time being on here. I’ve been feeling really lost and alone lately and you put that into words here. Thank you for sharing. I think I’ve been needing to hear from individuals who have been struggling or in a similar situation rather than sympathy and people just feeling sorry. It’s good to feel less alone.
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