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  1. a little bit angry, TW. maybe cruel but they all deserve it. may they never find peace.
  2. the cool thing about this tutorial i'm interested in buying is that it teaches some essential skills and it is very long. the not so cool thing about this tutorial is that the final renders are done in marmoset which i don't like that much. however using marmoset would allow for easier inspection of portfolio pieces.

    1. Finchy


      I don't know what marmoset is, but that is very cool it will teach you essential skills! That's always good. :) I'm sure you'll be able to work around the bit about the final renders...you'll get used to it. I think. Again, I don't know what marmoset is, but I have faith in you that this will work out!

  3. hey, i just saw your response to me in Today I Feel…? and i wanted to say thank you; i forgot to send that response in the thread, and i want you to know i truly appreciate all of your words. so truly, thank you so much

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    2. markeslilja


      @Andrea1501 feeling very down today and dealing with a lot of pain. also very tired.

      how are you too?

    3. Andrea1501


      Sorry that you are feeling very down and tired. Very sorry too that you are dealing with a lot of pain.

      Do you mean emotional or physical pain, or perhaps both?

      I am doing okay, thanks for asking

    4. markeslilja


      it’s no worries, nothing new. It’s both but the physical pain is flaring recently. 

      it’s good to hear you’re doing okay!

  4. using playlist-y titles just because lmao. i'm so lost man. i have no idea what to do anymore. i'm shit out of luck. no more medication options, no more therapy options. in my fruitless search for therapy i've realized just how little society actually gives a single shit about people like me. a family member told me i'm in the leading wave of trans people that led to further research into how to aid trans people in the future, and that's true. every generation of trans people has paved the path for the next. as grateful as i am to have been born when i was (if i had to be born at all anyw
  5. can confirm, the organization is supportive of trans men and the meeting went well! everyone i’ve talked to from the organization so far has been very kind. i kinda feel hopeful, thank you for this resource @Whisper and thank you for tagging me @mini.finch! i’m definitely gonna contact the mods about pinning this, there are other users who could benefit from this too
  6. it seems good so far @Whisper, i’m going to attend their meeting tonight and see what it’s like. hopefully they’re cool with trans people.
  7. thank you guys so much for this, this is amazing. i’m on the site rn.
  8. bless y’all so much!!!!!! thank you!
  9. @Capulet perhaps AS uses something other than standard bb code? that's the correct code on each site i've seen it and used it on, but there are a couple other forums on which it doesn't work either, so there may be something else!
  10. @mini.finch no prob! it seems like it could be potentially very useful here, it definitely is on other sites!
  11. hi! several other forums i’m on for various topics have implemented “spoiler” bbcode [spoiler] [/spoiler] or [spoiler=title of spoiler] [/spoiler] this is used to hide spoilers on fan websites and to hide potentially triggering parts of messages on mental health forums. with spoiler bbcode, it would make it possible for users to “hide” certain sensitive parts of their posts if they so wish, either to avoid having it be as public (even though we’re private) or to avoid triggering others, because to read it one would need to click to reveal the “spoiler.” for spoiler title
  12. !!TW!! very angry, mentions of death mr. s: you were only a burden. i only lied to you. i did not love you. i was twelve years old. you relished in my pain. i have photos of you. photos of you touching me. i can destroy you instantly. i have all i need. t: i never told a soul. that’s what you wanted, right? you sold us to them. you left us down there. she was your little sister. we were eight years old. when she remembers, you’re dead. you tried to kill yourself. you should’ve died that
  13. @8888 @Iheartcupcakes thank y'all
  14. Thank you! I didn't know that about Finnish; I always thought they were a Nordic country, but the fact that their language has so many cases does make it resemble something like Ukrainian or a similar Slavic language. And Sweden is just huge for games in general! Almost all of my favorite horror games are from Sweden, Denmark or Norway. Except the one from Taiwan lol. But yes a LOT of game developers come from the area! But that aside, thank you very much!
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