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  1. !!TW!! very angry, mentions of death mr. s: you were only a burden. i only lied to you. i did not love you. i was twelve years old. you relished in my pain. i have photos of you. photos of you touching me. i can destroy you instantly. i have all i need. t: i never told a soul. that’s what you wanted, right? you sold us to them. you left us down there. she was your little sister. we were eight years old. when she remembers, you’re dead. you tried to kill yourself. you should’ve died that
  2. @8888 @Iheartcupcakes thank y'all
  3. Thank you! I didn't know that about Finnish; I always thought they were a Nordic country, but the fact that their language has so many cases does make it resemble something like Ukrainian or a similar Slavic language. And Sweden is just huge for games in general! Almost all of my favorite horror games are from Sweden, Denmark or Norway. Except the one from Taiwan lol. But yes a LOT of game developers come from the area! But that aside, thank you very much!
  4. it'll be pretty useful for my career! i'd love to work with a horror studio in Sweden. the Nordic countries in general execute horror so well, and two of my favorite studios are Swedish. there are a lot of remote indie developer roles all over the world now, especially since the pandemic, and knowing Nordic languages will help a lot in getting a job with an indie studio because there are just so many - Norwegian is my next goal haha! then Danish, but i'm a bit intimidated by Finnish ngl
  5. @WannaMoveOn hallå! (jag är inte svensk men jag lär mig svenska! och skriver på engelska här också lol) thank you for the welcome! i am struggling a lot without therapy but I'm trying to find some resources outside of it. i'm glad there's a list here. i'm so glad this community is so friendly already! thank you. @Field8 Thank you! i appreciate it, and you too!
  6. @mini.finch thank you! i appreciate this message so much. RPGs are great; i'm currently making one of my own in RPGmaker! but it is horror so maybe not to your taste in particular haha. it's been rough but i'm hanging in there. as much as i hate to say it, that "friend" has recently gotten a sweet, well-deserved taste of a decade worth of bad karma from the way she treats everyone around her. ironically, she's now experiencing some of the very things she called me pathetic for. but that aside, thank you again for the welcome!! and if you have any thoughts about what you like most in
  7. hej, you can call me rune. i'm 23, female-to-male trans (he/him), and an artist of many media. i speak English and Swedish. i'm studying game development in college, which is pretty rigorous. i love to draw, but my major is focused on 3D modeling and animation. i find i'm best at texturing. i get very enthusiastic talking about video games, game development and game art, and don't even get me started on game soundtracks - i will talk your ear off. i play piano and a bit of guitar, and i'm also training my voice now. i used to produce with vocaloid, until my hearing got too bad. i just love to
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