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  1. @Theimpossibledream Wow, I'm really sorry that all happened to you, that sounds really scary. I bet he saw the writing on the wall so quit before he could be fired. Thanks for sharing your story. I have also been a total nervous wreck, while deciding to make the complaint, writing the complaint, the whole investigation and the aftermath... I hope you're doing better now. Thanks for sharing.
  2. @snmls Thank you I will reach out if I have questions.
  3. @Claira Thank you Thanks for saying that feeling safe is a priority Sometimes it is hard to believe that with the way people act and react. It seems like such a basic thing that should be obvious, but sometimes it's just not the reality. I'm glad your boss believed you and took quick action. That's really good.
  4. Thanks Finch It's good to hear that everyone's story here is valid, as I definitely struggle with minimising what happened and so I feel like my emotional reactions are not valid. Its something I have to work out how to overcome. Thanks for your message. Sky Lark
  5. Hi, I'm new here, nice to meet you I was sexually harrassed/assaulted by a work colleague, and then there was a big investigation into it which made me feel totally invalidated and disbelieved and I'm still dealing with the aftermath of it. It had a pretty severe effect on my mental health. I've struggled a lot with feeling like I did stuff wrong, or I should just suck it up and I'm not allowed to be upset about it because it wasn't "that bad", or that I acted wrong or reacted wrong, or like I just made myself look stupid by raising it, or... it goes on. I know lots of people o
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