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    Drawing, painting, broadway, music, dogs

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  1. Her23

    New here!

    thank you for the warm welcome, I appreciate you reaching out!
  2. Her23

    New here!

    Thank you all for your amazing support and kind words! It’s been 12 years and I’m feeling a bit more in control and see some *positives* in the future! Would love to connect with some folks about their healing journey and how they got through hiccups along the way. hope everyone is doing well!
  3. Hi all - my therapist told me years ago to join one of the forums years ago or a support group but it was way too hard in the past. I’m trying to branch out, make connections and further process what happened. I’m glad to have found AS and some of the amazing people I’ve chatted with so far. Sending positive thoughts to everyone here.
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