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  1. i was 3 years old you knew it was wrong what do i do now how do i move on i can't be near you you were my older brother i'll never have enough answers i can't even confront you your reputation was more important they all sided with you even if they didn't notice i can never forget this and i wish i could fuck you. just, fuck you. you've made my life hell i will forever hate you i can't forgive or forget (more than 5 words but lol whatever also there's no context this is just for me) i hope you get stuck ab
  2. hi :) i totally understand what you're saying here but (thankfully?) i know where he got his behavior from and he wasn't abused or anything, but i know that is a common thing
  3. also i still live with him which is so much harder
  4. hopefully this isn't too much info, i just needed to get it off my chest. hi everyone, i'm new here and super nervous about this. when i was 3 i was sexually assaulted by my brother who was 5. this means i struggle with the blame and everything, because i don't know if he knew better or not. and i blame myself because i was too young to say no. i repressed this memory and didn't remember it until i was about 14 (i'm 18 now). i'm trying to work through it but struggling, and i think i just really need to find people in the same situation as me so i feel less alone.
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