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  1. Had To Go Away

    I had to go away for a little bit. I have been having a really rough time with things and really just shut everything and everyone out of my life for a while. I am trying to regroup and will do my best to not be weak and run. I am really scared.....and sad. I am sorry. It was horrible and selfish of me to just disappear. I don't know why I do that. Sorry. Kerry
  2. Where Are You All From?

    I live in Kansas City. Have lived in Michigan and Massachusetts and small town in Kansas but have moved back to within 5 miles of where I was born and raised. I think about moving a lot but probably won't for a while.
  3. Hello

    Welcome Andrea!!!!!! I am fairly new and still learning how to open up in my posts but I have really gotten a lot from this site to help me in my healing!!!! Welcome!!! Kerry
  4. New And Unsure

    Welcome piscean!!!! I am fairly new here too but have found it to be full of support. I know you will find the same to be true!!!!!!! It is hard to open up, I am just learning but each time I share just a little bit more I feel A LOT better!!!!! Welcome again!!!! Kerry
  5. Looking In A Mirror

    Thanks for that!!! I hope someday I can be in that place where the self loathing is gone. And I know until I open up more it won't happen. I have been trying to open up but my feeble attempts aren't enough. I just to find a way to work through everything. I was thinking a lot about fear last night since that is the basis f everything for me. And I thought....why am I so scared?? I was watching my little puppy who, with the help of the neighbor puppy, dug his way over to play with the Bull Mastiff next door. Bear in mind my puppy only weights about 17 lbs and the Mastiff puppy is already around 90lbs. He had no fear and when I went out and found him over there he was just running the yard playing with the other puppy. He could have sat in my yard and been scared and therefore bored..instead they worked together and dug a hole and had a blast!!! I guess I need to learn from my puppy and try to open up more. Thanks, Kerry
  6. New And Afraid

    I am also new here and very afraid. It is nice to know I am not the only one who is scared!!