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    Fractured, Growing, Rebuilding. 🦋
    I’m an art evaluator for a survivor - run literary and arts journal for abuse survivors of all gender identities.
    My interests are music, animal crossing, horses, thoth tarot, bubbles, streaming on YT, journal writing, stuffies!, photography, dance and walking in nature. 🌱🌻

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  1. Hi howdy 🤠 @Pencil welcome to AS! I’m new here also and have been here a few weeks. I think it’s great that your therapist suggested this. Here is safe and I like it here. I hope you will toooo. I love dogs !
  2. @strugglebus Welcome to AS. This group has been very supportive since I’ve been here. I’m quite new here also. Take very good care of yourself, YOU are alone, neva. 💗
  3. In my situation with my ex NO it was really really traumatic. I’ve been trying so hard not to use meditation anything else to make me feel normal or be normal.
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