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  1. Hey wanted to thank you about yesterday. Hope thinks alright with you if you ever want to talk someone to listen am here

    1. loveable


      Anytime and thank you, I appreciate that, same goes for you too.

  2. New Member (wyndsong)

    welcome to AS pm me if you need anything
  3. Quistion About Topics

    thank you jessie it's do i realy belong here at share your story page 3 thank you again
  4. Quistion About Topics

    how do i delete a topic i made now i want to delete it?
  5. New-ish Member

    thank you karen
  6. New And Unsure

    hi am new here there are people tell me this website is supportive but am not sure about it is it true
  7. New-ish Member

    hi everyone am new here am a surviver am now 19 years old and thankful i found aftersilence after searchiing from months