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  1. Hello and welcome, i look forward to seeing you around. love Joss.
  2. Hi Maxxi It's good to see you again, though i am sorry things have been so difficult, especially lately... here with you. love joss.
  3. Hi Tawny, it's good to meet you. sorry you have been through so much. welcome. love joss.
  4. hiya, we often cope with the abuse by minimising it. there are people who understand and help out there, like s*xual abuse and r*pe support centres where counsellors there understand the things you have talked about. (sorry i am not much good tonight.) love joss
  5. in real life, after silence means after speaking out: Rejection, abandonment and deep hurt. (from family and "friends") Real, caring, brave, and concerned people. (Eg: abuse counsellors) After silence the forum means togetherness, understanding and EMPOWERMENT.
  6. hi bluebell i am sorry you are going through so much. you are not alone here. welcome.
  7. Hi there, i am really glad you are not alone anymore. love joss.
  8. hi it's good to see and hear you. love joss.
  9. hi Kensi, so sorry you have to be here. i am glad to meet you. love joss.
  10. hello and welcome, you are not alone here. just share what you want to if/when you want. or not at all. or gradually. in little bits. or however is right for you. just trust your instincts about safety. i have no doubt your instincts are spot on. it's good to see you. love joss.
  11. hi there thanks for asking about this. i have been meaning too myself for a while. Vera would you mind sending me a password too? Thanks. joss.
  12. joss


    hello, i hope you find what you are looking for here too. you are not alone.
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