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  1. Hi @wanderingandlost97. Welcome to After Silence. I'm new myself and have been struggling to make a second post since saying 'hello' (you have inspired me, thank you :)). Although, I suspect everyone here will appreciate, in their own way, what it is to feel alone, I hope (I really believe) that a place like this can help you feel among friends; (perhaps I am remembering wrong but I have a feeling someone very wise once said 'you're only so lost, when among friends'). Even if you struggle to say anything just reading what others have written can really make a difference (again, thank you for
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new here and new to this (so sorry, in advance, if I am not great at it) and am never quite sure what to put with introductions, but if there is anything anyone wants to know, please feel free to just ask. A couple of things inspired me to join the site. Life isn't great, at the moment. Just before I was due to go back to school, I developed shingles. It's not the worst illness, by a long way. But it's kind of long term and some of the care I have to receive is a bit triggering. So I'm grateful to be part of somewhere where I'm free to talk about things ('free' but n
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