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  1. Thank you all @Capulet @MeBeMary @snmls for the very warm welcome. I have recently found out about unknown abuse from my teenage years by my brother, now i am dealing with it all over again as if it happened yesterday. I also discovered my childs biological rapist father has moved back to the area uncomfortably near me. We are in the process of relocating to a new city. My husband took a job and my son and i will follow in a few months. I work full time and am in school pursuing a new career path. I am alone in this town of terrible memories and trauma without my main support. Im hoping this w
  2. I have an amazing therapist and supportive husband and a solid group of chosen family. But I can only talk about it so much. I feel like a broken record. I dont want to keep working through my abuse but i know i have to. Its hard to say and feel things that nobody wants to hear. Its too heavy to carry with me though and last time it wasnt dealt with and it led me down a more abusive path for years which i only recently found my way back from. Im nervous about this but i know i need more help. I have been through this too many times and i dont get better at it, just more defeated.
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