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    Jane Lynch, reading, writing, gaming, drawing, musicals, coffee, cats.

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  1. @MeBeMary Iconic is an understatement to me but yeah. I've known about her since Glee, too, but I didn't fall in love with her till last September when she started hosting the Weakest Link reboot. @mini.finch My absolute favorite is Zelda - to the point where I'll even play knockoffs - but I also like Smash and Mario as well as various match-3s and hidden-object games.
  2. ...but glad to be here. I'm E. She/They. I'm here in hopes of finding others who can relate to the things I've been through as well as a supportive place to vent in general when I need it. Things I like include Jane Lynch, reading, writing, gaming, drawing, coffee, musicals, and cats.
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