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  1. Hi everyone. Okay, so I'm not totally new, I've just been gone for awhile, in and out of treatment. But I'm back now because this site has always been really helpful in times of need. And I'm really struggling again, with ptsd, depression, an eating disorder and all that. Just need a little more support than I have now. And I hope I can help support others too. Take good care Broken
  2. Welcome back Charmed-buttercup. I'm really glad I met you tonight and we got to chat. I look forward to talking with you more and getting to know you more as we continue on this healing journey together. Safe hugs to you. Broken.
  3. i just spent 72 bucks at Kohls ona few shirts for myself. Something I haven't done in awhile. Nothing like retail therapy to start your day off.
  4. Hi Lilly! Welcome to AS!!! I'm sorry you've had to find a site like this but I'm glad that we can help you. This is a wonderful community and so supportive of eachother. Take your time at getting to know everyone as it can be a little overwhelming at first. And when you're ready, you'll feel right at home. I know I do. Welcome to AS! Sending warm thoughts and safe hugs (if okay) your way. Broken
  5. hi liesl and welcome to AS. i'm proud of you for reaching out and breaking the silence. i hope you come to find the safety in AS that i have found as well as the support that's here as well. remember that you're not alone and we're to help support you! pm me anytime. broken
  6. hi LAgirl welcome to AS i'm so sorry that you've had to find a site like this. but i'm glad you have such a strong support system and can add AS to that list. it's been a very positive experience for me and i can only hope you find it to be the same as well. take care of yourself! safe hugs to you. brokenangel
  7. hello again becky lynn! welcome again to AS. i hope you're finding lots of support here.
  8. i took the day off work to do some self-care for once. and then i called my T when i ended up hiding all day instead of self-caring because i was hurting so much. then i took a 3 hour nap and felt a little better.
  9. Hi and Welcome to AS. i'm not sure if I can offer any words of wisdom right now. i joined in august but left for awhile after my last rape happened 3 months ago and i'm having a hard time with it too. But know that you are not alone and it was NOT your fault. I hope you will be able to find love, care, and support here at AS. PM me to talk anytime. sending safe hugs - if okay
  10. my inner child is a little girl, about 8 or 9, and in a dark room hiding because she is sad and scared. she's afraid of what people will do to her or say to her....how and when they're going to hurt her. the only time she can come out....really come out which is through me, is when i'm by herself or with my therapist. and slowly i'm learning ways to take care of her and listen to her and help her find her voice.
  11. hi. i'm new here too. i've been having a hard time with things for a few weeks and thought it might help to talk with other survivors too. my t suggested it a few months ago but i didn't think i was ready then. i'm still not really sure about it but i think it's time to at least take one step forward.
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