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  1. Well hello there!

    I'm Yeenodon, agender person assigned female at birth (you can refer to me as she, I don't mind at all!). After struggling with consequences of terrible events I went through I decided to seek help and talk. Eventually I found this forum that was still active!


    I hope to be able to find closure and finally moving on with life without memories living rent-free in my head. If I can also give back support, I would happily do so!


    A few words about myself, I'm a young adult living in Europe. I'm a lover of natural history, particularly anything regarding extinct fauna and the evolution of life.

    My favorite prehistoric animals are hyaenodon (I call them yeenodon as it sounds cuter) and dunkleosteus.

    I would describe myself as friendly and nerdy, although a bit awkward at times as English is not my native language.

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