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  1. I've been thinking a lot lately. And I mean... a looot. I asked myself, why is everything so hard? Why do I feel so unmotivated ? why do I feel so bored of everything? I don't like just sitting there and do nothing, I need to be productive, else I feel like I'm wasting the little time I've granted in this life. So, why do I still waste it? It's not as simple as my brain try to make it out to be. Feelings, emotions, it's complicated. If you don't feel good, even the smallest task can appear as the biggest challenge. I decided to see in myself, what was making me feel so ba
  2. The words as they came to me You know, I'm not exactly a highly spiritual or religious person. I just do things my way, follow my guts and feelings. At least most of the time. What is really challenging to me with overcoming trauma and making my way to recovery, is, I don't know the way. I'm lost with only my moral compass to guide me, and a shattered mind to make decisions. There's noone to hand me a map that says "in 100 meters, turn left, recovery is at the end of this road". that's just not how it works. Recovery is different for everyone, and I believe it also greatly depends on
  3. @MeBeMary, @mini.finchthank you for welcoming me so nicely. I really appreciate the kind words and I'm glad I could share some of my nerdiness today! I'm also happy to see a fellow enby/agender !
  4. Well hello there! I'm Yeenodon, agender person assigned female at birth (you can refer to me as she, I don't mind at all!). After struggling with consequences of terrible events I went through I decided to seek help and talk. Eventually I found this forum that was still active! I hope to be able to find closure and finally moving on with life without memories living rent-free in my head. If I can also give back support, I would happily do so! A few words about myself, I'm a young adult living in Europe. I'm a lover of natural history, particularly anything regardin
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