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  1. Thank you @Doll6... it is definitely helping and joining this forum has definitely also helped!😊
  2. Thank you MeBeMary I never expected everyone to be so friendly and welcoming. Im not quiet sure what I expected but I'm very glad I gave it a try x
  3. Hello Poppy Thank you for your lovely message 😊 I think I had considered for a long time to reach out but was too ashamed. I am glad that I found this forum and wish I had sooner. Everyone is lovely and its helpful to see that everyone faces similar struggles that have made me feel so isolated for so long. Thank you for your message and likewise, if you need anything.... I am always here for a chat
  4. Hi... I have been looking for a support group and came across this. I thought I was past what happened as a child but recent events have forced me to reach out. This is all still very new to me... its very hard to reach out or admit that I am not okay and need help. I am finally receiving emdr therapy and hope that this group will offer some support and take away some of the loneliness I have faced from being silenced for so long.
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